Instagram: The Ideal Tool in Marketing Land for Sale

As increasing numbers of sellers and buyers in the real estate industry make use of the internet to do business, a compelling social media presence is a must-have in the 21st century.

To this end, Instagram has proven to be the most powerful social medium for marketing and buying land for sale. The fact that the platform is visually based allows for the effective presentation of eye-catching graphics and videos that are second-to-none in terms of variety and visual appeal. When it comes to offering buying options for those looking for land, and for sellers seeking clients’ attention, Instagram has no peers.

The following are some of the ways that Instagram can be an advantage for those wishing to successfully find or promote land sales in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace.

Benefits to Land Marketers

The new media marketing approach of using Instagram can help sellers of land for the following reasons:

  • Instagram visitors around the world are making use of the platform more often than ever before at a rate of more than 30 minutes a day.
  • Although Instagram is among the most widely visited social media platforms, its users still represent a comparatively unexploited market for those seeking new clients in the real estate business.
  • Instagram is the ideal platform for increasing engagement in the land sales market because 80% of its users visit at least one business account on a regular basis.
  • Since Instagram is a visual medium, and an image is always worth a thousand words, presenting high-quality photos and videos showcasing land for sale can have a powerful impact on buyers’ minds.
  • More than half of those who use Instagram are 34 years of age or younger, and this group is going “back to the land” in growing numbers, so it represents a ripe market for selling properties.

Similarly, land buyers can benefit from Instagram in many ways, such as these:

  • The platform provides a highly engaging medium for scouting the land market due to its ease of use and extremely visual nature. Instagram seems to be custom-made for images depicting plots of land.
  • Since most of Instagram’s audience consists of users from the Millennial and Generation Z age groups, who view the platform as their favorite, it’s a natural place for them to shop for land.
  • Potential buyers are able to view a wide range of land-for-sale listings, learn about the types of features they’re interested in, and stay informed about new and upcoming price changes and other information from their social feeds.

For these reasons, Instagram may be seen as the perfect place to go both for those seeking land to buy and those wanting to sell it.

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